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An increasing number of Physiotherapy, Lymphoedema, and Podiatry clinics around the world are introducing  Bodyflow Therapy as an adjunct therapy within their practices. The potential for patients to rent portable Bodyflow devices directly via the clinic offers the additional convenience of active treatment for the patient away from the clinic.

Becoming an authorised clinic

Any qualified practitioner or clinic can purchase Bodyflow® machinery from our regional distributor. There is the option of becoming an Authorised Bodyflow Clinic (“ABC”) Hospitals, Physiotherapy, Podiatry and Lymphoedema clinics can potentially gain new patient referrals via the general public who may be seeking Bodyflow Therapy treatment in there area.

How do I become an ABC?

You can gain access to Bodyflow® Therapy as a qualified and registered practitioner or clinic. There is a minimum capital equipment investment to enter the ABC model.

How does Bodyflow® compare to other Electrostimulation?

Other electro-stimulation devices in the market place are variable to one Hz (unit of frequency) where Bodyflow® has been specifically set to a low frequency

Bodyflow® is exclusively available throughout physiotherapy and medical clinics and to sporting clubs and organisations. Availability to the general public will be throughout Physiotherapy, Podiatry and other Medical Clinics where possible


Your regional distributor will provide you with all the relevant training and information required to successfully become an ABC


bodyflow clinics

bodyflow clinics