After evaluating Bodyflow Therapy by conducting internal case studies within their own clinical environment, many leading practitioners and sports trainers from around the world have now incorporated Bodyflow Therapy as an adjunct Therapy for both their respective patients and professional athletes.

I have used Bodyflow consistently within my practice for the last year. It has been useful in the postoperative management of knee replacement surgery, expediting the removal of swelling and, thus, improving pain and range of motion. It has also been useful to reduce acute swelling following injury (and arthroscopy) to restore pain free function. It has become an accepted standard protocol with some of the Olympic athletes that I treat, for the treatment of acute soft tissue injuries, and we are using it more to help enhance recovery following training and competition

Ian Horsley
EIS (English Institute of Sport) North West Regional Lead Physiotherapist & Clinical Director
Back in Action Rehabilitation Ltd

I have been using the Bodyflow system in my clinic in Brisbane for the last 3 years. Myself and all of my staff have found it a useful treatment tool for any sort of sub-acute or chronic oedema. Recovery times for these patients have dramatically improved.

It has opened up a whole new demographic of patient to our clinic and has also given us a real point of difference to other health providers in the area.  This has resulted in an increase in patient numbers and there has also been increased “passive” revenue due to the number of patients who are renting the portable units for home use on a weekly basis.

Roger McIntosh
Principal Physiotherapist
North West Physiotherapy, QLD Australia

bodyflow practitioners

bodyflow practitioners