Pro Sport

Bodyflow Therapy is now used by professional sports teams, athletes and institutions around the world such as EIS, EPL, NBA, NFL, Pro Cycling, AFL, NRL & Olympic nations, just to mention a few.

British Olympic Medical Institute

The Intensive Rehabilitation Unit (IRU) part of the British Olympic Medical Institute has been fortunate to have used both a clinical Body Flow machine and several portable units. During this time we have used the modality with significant success in the reduction of clinical effusion in elite athletes. We have also looked at its efficacy for post-exercise recovery and the subjective feedback from athletes has been excellent. There is no doubt in my mind that this is cutting edge technology which should help to speed up rehabilitation times when used as part of a package of targeted intervention.

Greg Retter
IRU Manager
British Olympic Medical Institute

We used Bodyflow to help rehabilitate one of the Team GB Taekwondo athletes following an ACL injury in the lead up to the London 2012 Olympics. Regular use of the Bodyflow portable device helped us reduce the negative effects of loading that were essential to be able to push on and ensure the athlete was ready to compete. We have also started to use the devices as part of our ‘pro-active’ recovery strategy

Leigh Halfteck
Team GB Taekwondo Physiotherapist
English Institute of Sport

Having used Bodyflow extensively in the past and being aware of its benefits for lymphatic drainage for sports performance recovery and injury recovery I was delighted to continue this relationship with Perform at St George’s Park. With the number of professional footballers attending St George’s Park for periods of intensive rehabilitation the Bodyflow is a key part of our management of inflammation in injury and recovery post sessions. Whilst the players are residential for their rehabilitation, this allows us to use the system a number of times a day to optimise the benefits it may have.

Steve Kemp
Elite Football Physiotherapist
Perform at St Georges Park