About Bodyflow Therapy

picture-smallBodyflow Therapy is a new exciting form of electrotherapy which aims to stimulate the movement of lymphatic vessels (Body’s fluid drainage system) and blood vessels (blood flow) found within the body.  Backed by published medical trials, Bodyflow Therapy is currently used by Lymphoedema practitioners, physiotherapists, podiatrists and professional sporting organisations around the world to aid in patient & athlete tissue recovery.

Bodyflow Therapy is often referred to by our customers as a swelling machine because of its ability to reduce swelling and promote wound healing. As a patient, you may have been referred to this Bodyflow rental site by your orthopedic surgeon or wound care clinician to potentially help with your rehabilitation process, by renting and using a portable Bodyflow device in the comfort of your own home environment multiple times per day. Bodyflow Therapy may act as an additional adjunct therapy designed to compliment your prescribed rehabilitation protocols, but not recommended as a replacement for any other rehabilitation process or protocol provided to you by your medical practitioners.

Bodyflow devices are CE Marked, FDA cleared and are included in the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG) with the TGA. The products are manufactured in Germany.

Here are some important tips to help using your Bodyflow device.


I have used Bodyflow consistently within my practice for the last year. It has been useful in the postoperative management of knee replacement surgery, expediting the removal of swelling and, thus, improving pain and range of motion. It has also been useful to reduce acute swelling following injury (and arthroscopy) to restore pain free function. It has become an accepted standard protocol with some of the Olympic athletes that I treat, for the treatment of acute soft tissue injuries, and we are using it more to help enhance recovery following training and competition

Ian Horsley
EIS (English Institute of Sport) North West Regional Lead Physiotherapist & Clinical Director
Back in Action Rehabilitation Ltd